Tuesday, September 28, 2004

1st Workshop

Our first speaker will be

12pm October 4, 2004
"My Mother Was a Computer:
Digital Subjects and Literary Texts"
N. Katherine Hayles
15oo HMNSS Bldg.

This talk will be drawn from her forthcoming book of that title, to be published by the University of Chicago Press in September 2005

See and print the poster or flyer!

HMNSS is Building 38 on this campus map. Guests can purchase parking tags in Vistor Lot #2 (V2) just off the University Ave. entrance to campus.

Extended Bio for N. Katherine Hayles.

N. Katherine Hayles, UCLA professor of literatature and science in the 20th and 21st century; electronic textuality, hypertext fiction and theory; science fiction; and media theory. She is the author of numerous distinguished works on post-human subjectivity, technologies of writing, and digital narrativity, including: How We Became Posthuman: Virtual Bodies in Cybernetics, Literature and Informatics (1999), which won the Rene Wellek Prize for the best book in literary theory for 1998-1999, and her semi-autobiographical collaboration with artist Anne Burdick, Writing Machines (2002).


Workshop Members and Guests,
As we begin the workshop, please post any areas of investigation you would like to pursue with the group. This will help us get a sense of the goals of the members.

In The Global Interface workshops offer a year long investigation into digital culture. We are working to connect academic research across the arts, humanities, and science, within UC Riverside and with the extended community of scholars in Southern California and beyond.

Please, join us in discussion on this online meeting space.